February 2016
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“Yeah. Hope it’s safe enough.”

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Claire jumped: “Aahhh! No, not like that… Please, don’t! Not there, I conditions did it… Please…”
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“Yeah. Hope it’s safe enough.”
Happy the issue wasn’t so complex, I yelled through the door. She was in the kitchen now, making dinner.
“Alright, what do I need to do?”
“Opt,” I pleaded, desperate for this to culminate.
She looked up and down the alley, and hustled me in the door, closing it swiftly behind me. “Sentence it, Alex! You shouldn’t be here. At the very least you could bellow.”
Beth wiggled, moving her hands to the back of her pants. With a hasty downward passage, Beth folded the lop of her pants down. I stared at the brief exposure, marveling at the easy, faultless appearance. The immaculate symmetry of her globes, completely exposed as the thong lay hidden beneath her squished butt cheeks. As quickly as her butt appeared, it disappeared. Beth’s insignificant flash had served it’s by design. I was raging burdensome.
Alex found her hands were shaking, and as she removed them from her pocket she dropped her keys on the ground. Cursing she quickly picked them up. It then took her several moments to unlock the in the vanguard door. It was with great relief that she finally got the door opened, and stepped into the hall. She firmly and barest purposefully closed the door behind her, jumping when the boiler in the nearby kitchen made a piercing racket. Alex tried to calm her breathing from her expeditious walk home and the general excitement she felt at watching the two lovers. She bent down and removed her shoes, earlier standing back up.
“And I would like to lactate like you. He essential be a pro in lactation induction!”
Claire jumped: “Aahhh! No, not like that… Please, don’t! Not there, I conditions did it… Please…”


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