February 2016
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“Show…you can’t cool stand still on one leg without wobbling…”

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Beth kissed me gently, kneeling over me, eyes smiling.
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“Mmmm,” she cooed, tucking her fingers into the waistband and pulling downwards. “You have no construct how long I’ve waiting for this.”
He said as I put my mouth on his boxer next, removing it down the same way I had done his trousers. Without hesitation the thrilled to be released from its confines cock sprang freely and twitched and throbbed at me.
“Look at the wet pussy…”
Groaning, he embraced her massive unencumbered globes giving them a good crowd as if weighing them. Her breasts at the drop of a hat felt fuller and heavier as he kneaded the flesh like a kid playing with Agree Dough.
She’d drunk the whole liter-and-a-half down, her lips not in any way leaving the neck, stopping for breath contrariwise when she had to. Anything to assuage the cold look in his eyes. But her new-found submissiveness was only lost on him as he ordered her to her hands and knees on the kitchen floor. As he rummaged through the drawers, she steeled herself for the worst, but was noiselessness unprepared when the first smack of the rubber spatula stung her ass. As always, she concentrated on counting. To miscount now would undoubtedly double her punishment. And counting took her viewpoint off the pain.
Beth kissed me gently, kneeling over me, eyes smiling.
Of course when Joe came home I had to instruct him all about it. He really seemed to get excited when I described Kyle, above all the part about having no bulk curls. I know he has fantasies about me having sex with even younger boys, and with Kyle it’s easy to imagine he is younger than he really is. Personally that does not bear as much an to all intents on me, maybe because I know he is surely 18 or 19. I be informed this because at one stress when he was in my realm I thought peradventure he was younger than the rest of the realm and had been advanced a couple of grades. But I peeked in his records to check out his DOB and he is obviously the same age as Tommy and the others.
“Show…you can’t cool stand still on one leg without wobbling…”
I went into the bathroom to try it on but once I got it on I net that I couldn’t zip it. So I call mother Wilson into the bathroom


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