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“Desperately.” She smiled again.

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“Dialect mayhap,” she replied, raising her eyebrows. “Why? Did you have someone in mind?”
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“Desperately.” She smiled again.
With that she pressed my face to her bare flesh and spreading her legs slightly while standing she thrust my face into her very wetness twat. Clasping her ass cheeks from behind with my hands to communicate myself supplement leverage I dove my sheathe into my Goddess’s snatch and energetically gorged myself on her juices. “Genius what a vicious and avid little pussy munching slut you are!” She moaned as her legs began to shake uncontrollably. As she spread her legs wider to give me more access I began to hungrily lick heavy inside her vagina. In a few minutes I felt her cunt spasm in my mouth as she gushed a quart of pussy fluid over my face. Collapsing to the bed she ordered me to refrain beside her.
“Drink it, Jim, you penury it.”
I gulped and the bat tasted my stern, Thwack! My eyes began to water and I cried out in annoyance. Thwack!
She watched as Dr. Newbern put Lukas, Marianne, and the robbery patsy’s bodies into separate refrigeration units.
“Dialect mayhap,” she replied, raising her eyebrows. “Why? Did you have someone in mind?”
She didn’t wake after that and all three of us slept until the sun was streaming in the room. I could see that they were still connected and he had his hand covering one of her breasts. Quietly, I got up, went to the kitchen, and made some coffee.
The gleam of wedding rings brought a wolfish grin to Tracy’s lips as both she and Madeline had a foible for luring married victims back to their hotel room to enjoy.
“Yes spoil?” She replied.


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