February 2016
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“Yes, of by all means we do.” I told her, “Often.”

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“Oh God,” he groaned, positively turned on by my words.
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Laurie responded by looking into his eyes, kissing him hard on the mouth before saying “Yes, please.”
I went to my bedroom and sighed, tears again in my eyes. I changed into the oyster-white wedding thigh highs and a cute dress that was sexy, but not really slutty.
Fine, it wasn’t clarified quickly. I waited for what seemed an endless values bright and early in this jot cell, apprehensive shitless, torturing myself with grim visions of my own expected. The miniscule window just directed the ceiling told me that it was night by now. I really should be at home with my unequalled wife and my daughter now, enjoying a meal after a hard day’s idle, looking forward to some necking and maybe sex with Megan. Something was totally wrong here – I wasn’t expected to stare at the dirty walls of an empty cell. Somehow the arrange-time continuum had ruptured. This was not supposed to happen in my life story.
“I can be good, I bespeak.” She begged.
“Yes, of by all means we do.” I told her, “Often.”
“Oh God,” he groaned, positively turned on by my words.
The light went on in their bedroom, opposite to brainpower, and they busied themselves getting ready. He went into their en suite, returning in his underwear as she made the bed. He walked up to her, tooth brush in mouth, and spanked her.
It sounds like they were plenty vocal. I expect you are correct and that Joe has been pushing that. Bruce seemed to take to it easily enough, which surprised me a minuscule. From what you wrote, though, you were not altogether vocal and were still mostly passive, except for the rattling. Is that a fair assessment? I really do think that Joe wants you to be a little less passive, so I’m glad to see you admit with me on that. I’ll whack at to suggest simple ways that you can accomplish that. I know it won’t be easy for you, but I believe that you can do it if you mark off your mind to it.
“Hello,” Emily reminded us that she was tranquil there.


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