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He just looked at her as she stood there, until she finally realized that he was waiting on her to bring him his scotch. She moved up to his side to hand him his wet one’s whistle but he didn’t take it and kept looking at the space in wing of him. Then she realized he wanted her in front, between his legs. She moved to that space but he even didn’t take it until she had gotten so close to him that her legs brushed his pants and she had to have her feet fusty together.

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And as I continued to work on her pleasure, while enjoying every minute of this myself, it dawned on me that perhaps she has not till hell freezes over received this uniform of r‚clame. Most every man is a selfish lover until a sweetheart shows him the most successfully modus vivendi = 'lifestyle' for her to enjoy the sex experience. And next to the brief view of their earlier going to bed, it appeared that Mike may have never been taught these lessons.
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