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But this movie isn’t like the others. Those were grease productions, alert for car-boot sale. Not this one. No title, no opening credits, no disclaimer about “models.” The camera isn’t steady, it’s handheld. And the image isn’t mammoth, like a home cinema. Why is this one different?

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That changed the moment a passer-by glanced at Wendy's body. Wendy noticed the person eyeing her trunk & legs. Then Wendy turned away. Her legs squirmed. It was hard to recount if Wendy was offended, insulted, or aroused. But there was no denying that the brief moment had an effect on her.
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“What do we do?” Susie asked too loudly which brought a scowl from me.

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He muttered an 'ah' and then within seconds as my grip became tighter he begged for the sake it.
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