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By in the present circumstances Tim was rolling about laughing.

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Michael grinned. "Wow!"
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Answer: Yes he was. I believe he felt a certain anger about my rejection of his marriage ideas. It irritated him that he was zealous to give up caboodle for me and I wasn’t willing to entrust up anything for him. In a way, he felt humiliated by my refusal to carry our relationship to the next level. That was a major motivation in his desire to humiliate me. In the beginning, he held me up on a pedestal. I was smarter, prettier, and more of a lady then any lady-in-waiting he had ever known. Those were his words. When he realized I wasn’t interested in a committed relationship with him, it was as if I were saying that he wasn’t good ample supply for me. In fact, he wasn’t, but I never told him that. He then did his selfsame best to reduce me to the level of a tramp and he did a very through felony of it.

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We continued to chat all the aspect out to their smallholding which was a shorter drive that it was back to my hometown. She said she'd pick up her passenger car later and waved goodbye to me as I drove out of the yard and headed to the dinner.
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