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Not a violent man but suddenly an angry man, he had the urge to beat her. If only fantasizing about giving her a beating, the thoughts of beating the crap out of her made him feel more like a man. The thoughts of her bruised, bloodied, and in pain made him tolerate more like the cuff of the take in. If he wouldn’t be arrested and have to spend a stint in confine while she continued in her drunken behavior and sexual lifestyle, he’d love to punch his wife in the face. He’d love to blacken both her eyes, unfasten her teeth, split her jaw, and get to her ugly enough that no one would ever want to have going to bed with her again, not consistent him, especially not him. He’d love to strangle her to death after hitting her over the conk with an empty gin bottle. Every time she disrespected him, he wished he could beat her and shove her down the cellar stairs and lock the door behind her.

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She carefully slid out of bed and went down the passageway to get the kids up. Amanda was first, and she woke up smiling, reaching up for a close to. Mary wrapped her arms around the adorable five year old and kissed her on the forehead, telling her she loved her. She got the dab girl out of bed and pushed her towards the bathroom to wash up, then she went across the hall to wake up Mikey.
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