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Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by a deep baritone spokesperson behind her, somehow familiar. Turning around, Suzanne felt her whole body flush in anticipation as she looked into the eyes of her antediluvian high school coach, Douglas Rhode.

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Immediately Suzanne felt the deep insides of her abdomen heat up as her neighbor began emptying his cock deep within her.
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At last, she allowed herself to count on, Megan’s warm tits brushing against her lips, the faint smell of her sweat mixing with the heady fragrance their sex. She felt John gently smack her whole pussy, calming it down, his fingers tracing lines in her cum, as he’d done with his own, his keep one’s counsel trying to lick up as much as possible before Sarah closed her legs in mute expiation, not sure if she’d ever feel something as substantial, as destructive, ever again.

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"It's up to you," I replied, actually hoping she would stay upstairs as I still wasn't completely sure what Malcolm's intentions were.
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