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“Hmmm,” she said as I was dozing dippy, “I wonder what I’m going to do tomorrow. I could either do laundry or go for a swim. Oh well, that’s in place of tomorrow.”

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Eric done in a moment fuming. "Valid who the fuck do you notion of you are? Considerable us what we can wear in our own house, what we can do with our own bodies, with each other? We aren't going to - "
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The picks arrived, and I took one of the original padlocks home to practice. Of course I had to wait until Mindy was asleep, then read various guides on the internet and lookout some Youtube videos, but I moral couldn’t manage it. The locks were tiny, so the picks even tinier. I grew frustrated with them night after night.

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He pulled his cock out of my throat. "You're my slut. Say it."
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